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Lil Donut™

Donuts that are not so 'lil.

About Us and Our Story

We strive to serve our customers the biggest donuts of their lives. In our Not So 'Lil™ range, we offer 15cm in diametre donuts* at a low price. These donuts are perfect for parties, for sharing, or even to have a 'lil treat for yourself!

We offer catering and home delivery for all of our products. Your donut of choice will be delivered personally by Corey. No exceptions. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please order from the menu below!

* Donut size may vary.

Our Store Locations

Below is many of our store locations. We offer catering and home delivery from all locations. Please contact us for any home delivery or catering requests*.

Our Locations

* Locations may not exist.

Contact Us

Phone Number: 1800 LILDONUT
Email: matt@lildonut.me
Fax: +61 2 1234 5678
Main Office Address: 94 Shamrock Avenue, Mount Kingman NSW 2536
ABN: 25 765 757 900
TFN: 953615761

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